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Salt Flakes

Our Salt Flakes are a culinary masterpiece, deriving their unique character from the rich mineral composition of our artesian concentrated brine. Among the top minerals present is calcium, a light mineral that becomes one of the first to precipitate in the intense heat of the sun. As the calcium floats, salt minerals delicately form around it, creating ethereal floating flakes reminiscent of flowers, aptly named Fleur De Sel by the French. To enhance the flavor profile, we allow these delicate flakes to gently sink for a day, a process that imparts a nuanced sweetness without the risk of overwhelming harshness.

Fleur De Sel

Our commitment to preserving the delicate balance ensures that our salt flakes remain mild and light, offering a culinary experience that is not only refined but also subtly sweet – a testament to the artistry and science behind the creation of our exceptional salt.

John's Salt Flakes


Amber Salt

Indulge your palate in the extraordinary depth of flavor that defines our Amber Salt, a culinary gem meticulously crafted in the ancient clay lake beds that cradle our salt pans. As the delicate salt flakes ascend to the surface, a hidden treasure emerges at the pan’s bottom – our prized Amber Salt. Here, the alchemy unfolds as select clay minerals dissolve in our concentrated brine, imparting a gentle light amber hue and an earthy taste that elevates every dish. The magic doesn’t stop there; our brine, boasting a pH level akin to pickles at around 3.89, infuses the salt with a subtle tanginess, adding yet another layer of complexity to its profile.

Patiently left to mature for two weeks, our Amber Salt avoids the pitfalls of bitterness, evolving instead into a mild, earthy delight with a nuanced tang – a testament to the artful fusion of time, nature, and craftsmanship. Elevate your culinary experience with the warm embrace of our Amber Salt, where every crystal tells a story of ancient wisdom and refined taste.


Salt Flakelets
Introducing our exclusive Salt Flakelets, a bespoke blend meticulously crafted for discerning chefs in the finest hotels and restaurants. At the heart of this culinary masterpiece lies a secret ratio of our delicate salt flakes and the prized Amber Salt, blended to perfection. Crushed into small flakelets, they are designed for the culinary artist who seeks precision in every sprinkle. Ideal for finger application directly onto salads, meats, fish, and vegetables, our Salt Flakelets offer a mild and light flavour profile with a subtle tinge of sour sweetness. The artful balance ensures that the salt enhances without overpowering, allowing the true essence of each dish to shine. With a delightful fluffy texture, these Flakelets are poised to elevate your culinary creations, providing a sensory experience that goes beyond mere seasoning – it’s a delicate dance of flavors that will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning palates.


Skincare Salt

Embark on a journey of holistic well-being with our Skincare Salt, a beauty elixir born from the final act of our meticulous salt-making process—the extraction of bittern. As the culmination of concentrated minerals and trace elements, the bittern possesses a robust bitterness and astringency, rendering it unfit for culinary endeavors but making it a potent ingredient for nourishing the skin. Packed with transdermal minerals ready to be absorbed, our Skincare Salt takes center stage in a range of beauty rituals. From refreshing face masks and exfoliating salt rubs to serene foot soaks and luxurious baths, this salt transforms self-care into an art form. Extend its benefits to your hair with surfy hair sprays and embrace a natural approach to freshness with gentle deodorants. Revel in the therapeutic touch of our Skincare Salt, where every crystal embodies the rejuvenating essence of minerals for a radiant and pampered complexion.



Discover the natural essence of well-being with StamiLyte, our exceptional concentrated brine enriched with all 21 essential minerals bestowed upon us by nature. Perfectly designed as an electrolyte and mineral top-up drink mix or a smoothie add-on, StamiLyte stands out as a testament to the intricate balance of elements harnessed over millions of years. Unlike ordinary salt, our concentrated brine preserves these minerals in their ionic form, ensuring rapid absorption by the body for swift results. With five times more minerals and trace elements than traditional salt, StamiLyte offers a rich source of nutrients. While the minerals in their isolated form carry a mild sweetness, the compound they form under intense heat of the sun becomes intensely bitter, harsh, and astringent, making them unsuitable for consumption. Beyond beverage enhancement, StamiLyte finds its place in cooking, serves as a pet’s mineral top-up, and becomes a prized ingredient in skincare products, extending the benefits of nature’s mineral bounty across various facets of your well-being journey. Stamilyte official website is here.


Skincare Kaolin Clays

We also have red and gray kaolin clays that are used for skincare. We get these clays from our licensed salt farm.